Guess What


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When I wrote ‘Guess What’ I thought I was writing it for a friend. She was suffering from a heartbreak. And having picked myself up from a couple of those before I felt like I could maybe share some of my story on how to heal from it, or at least how to get it started.
When we are in relationships, it’s easy to get lost in each other, and sometimes, we end up forgetting about ourselves as individuals. Then, the relationship ends and you’re left with half of yourself.
In my experience, I got really mad at myself for allowing that to happen. But then quickly forgave myself and tried to soak in the lesson from it, which was, If I am not whole by myself then no relationship will ever be enough. I had to be enough for myself, by myself, so then maybe one day I could be whole with another whole so we could be two wholes together.
I gave distractions a break and turned inside, with the intention of reconnecting with who I was without being in a relationship.
Through the inward journey, I started to interrogate myself. What kind of person was I gonna become from then on? What habits was I gonna feed? What kind of people was I gonna surround myself with? What activities was I gonna engage in? And so on. I restarted from scratch.
But the reality is that, life is always throwing opportunities to grow at us, not only relationship ones. There is always some sort of distress of some sort happening and we always have to choose to either deal with it or not.
But when you choose to deal with it, the only way to make conscious decisions about is to look inwards. It’s us with ourselves for ourselves. Acceptance, forgiveness, healing and expansion. We gotta take responsibility for our actions, for our lives. It’s the only way we will ever find peace with who we are, with who we’ve become.
So really, I wrote this song for myself. A kind reminder of where to look for answers whenever I need them. And with this video I learned a lot about self-acceptance and self-love. Also about stepping back for once and allowing myself to just follow instructions in a video production.
Thank you CC for the partnership, your vision took the song to another level. You are a hell of a friend.
I hope you guys enjoy it!


Guess What

A 1
If you're waiting for somebody to rescue you
Guess what
Somebody could be you

And if you're looking for directions to take you there
Guess what
It’s all inside of you

Give yourself to chance to be
The one you that you were meant to be
Focus all your energy
And when its time you will achieve
There is no easy way up there
Just keep climbing and you’ll see

A 2
Now if you're waiting for somebody to love you
Guess what
That somebody is you

And if you're looking for some shelter to comfort you
Guess what
It’s all inside of you

Give yourself to chance to be
The one you’ve always dreamt you’d be
You gotta set your energy
If you keep climbing and you’ll see
There is no easy way for that
But then in time you’ll be free


released June 29, 2018
Written and Sang by Caro Pierotto
Produced by Grecco Buratto
Guitars by Grecco Buratto and JP Mourão
Drums by Brendan Buckley
Erik Kertes on Bass
B3 by Michael Bluestein


all rights reserved



CARO PIEROTTO Los Angeles, California


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